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About AutoStaffNow

For Employers

The specialty of AutoStaffNow is employment agency services for the Automotive Industry. Our company offers you, as an employer, guaranteed successful placement of candidates for any position within your organization. What makes AutoStaffNow effective is the genuine desire to assist you in locating the right candidate and offering qualified individuals the opportunity to meet with the right company, such as yours.

AutoStaffNow offers a confidential, cost effective approach to expediting your hiring process. We have the talent and the resources necessary to meet your staffing needs. Keeping your business at peak performance requires adaptability and often you will have to keep your hiring process confidential. By keeping your information safe, we will build your trust and confidence.

As an organization we are selective about who we will refer to you because we always want to send you the most qualified candidates. We take the time and effort to review hundreds of applicants and complete thorough reference checks. A candidate’s skills and experience are verified to assure that they meet your needs.

Making the perfect match between the right candidate and the right company is always challenging. To ensure our candidates are a good fit for your company we evaluate their current objectives, interests and needs in consideration of the position you are trying to fill. This evaluation results in a better fit and reduced turnover in your organization.

As a position goes unfilled, your company’s productivity level will fall off, and the level of frustration will rise. Time spent advertising, reviewing resumes and interviewing unqualified applicants is better spent doing what you do best- running your business. We believe that you will welcome the opportunity to save time, money and the headaches of trying to find good employees.

We are often able to send you information about qualified candidates the same day that you call. Their references have been checked and experience verified. As a result you see only the best applicants for the position that needs to be filled.

There are no charges for our services until you hire an applicant referred to you by AutoStaffNow. You can feel secure in knowing that you are fully protected by our New Hire Guarantee. Our fees are generated by providing great employees to the companies that we serve. We will be happy to send you our current Fee Schedule and New Hire Guarantee by fax, e-mail or regular U.S. Mail.

When you are ready to get the right person for the job as quick as possible, contact us and we will provide you will all of the information needed to get things moving.

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For more information or to answer any questions call toll-free: 1-866-STAFNOW

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For Job Seekers

AutoStaffNow provides a comprehensive, confidential job search for available positions within the automotive industry. We carefully review your goals, interests and qualifications to match you with the best employers for your situation. We work closely with the network of hundreds and hundreds of automotive employers in this area to find the ideal fit for you, based upon your qualifications and career goals.

AutoStaffNow is completely confidential so you can feel safe knowing your information will only be forwarded with your approval. If you are currently employed, you can remain secure in your job while still exploring new opportunities. Upon your request, we can notify you when a position meeting your preferences becomes available.

There are no fees for you as an applicant because we are compensated by your future employer. Our fees are very competitive and are structured to include full-time, part-time and temporary placements.

It is not always what you know, but more who you know in the employment agency business. Your AutoStaffNow job search begins with reviewing your information and submitting your career profile to contacts within our network of automotive employers. Your ideal job can be found with the help of people you know in this industry. By accessing a much larger network through AutoStaffNow, you greatly increase your chances for a successful job search. We get the word out and let the right people know you are looking for a new or better opportunity.

We supply potential employers with a summary of your skills and experience without using your name or the names of your employers. Additional details and information are supplied to these employers upon your approval. By being listed with us you can be connected to many new job opportunities that often are not advertised.

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For more information or to answer any questions call toll-free: 1-866-STAFNOW.

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AutoStaffNow Your full service automotive employment agency for automotive jobs in the denver colorado area AutoStaffNow Your full service automotive employment agency for automotive jobs in the denver colorado area AutoStaffNow Your full service automotive employment agency for automotive jobs in the denver colorado area