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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


Are there any fees or hidden charges?

There is no expense to the applicant for our services. We promote and market your skills, training and experience to automotive businesses in your area. The fees resulting from your successful hiring are paid by your future employer.

How does the process with AutoStaffNow work?

We take a thorough application on each person pursuing new employment opportunities. Job Orders come from the hundreds of automotive employers in our area. We carefully go over the details and requirements, check references and do our best to come up with an ideal match. When presenting applicants and employers to each other we are very straightforward and honest. We provide all of the available information and let each party evaluate who they choose to interview with.

Is my information kept confidential?

Yes. We promote your career profile without the use of your name or other identifying information. Once a match is made and both the applicant and employer are interested in interviewing, we supply your information with your approval.

Do I have to have a current resume?

It is recommended but not required. The AutoStaffNow online application is very thorough and easy to fill out. If you need assistance preparing a resume, we can help you with some very practical resources.

What other documentation do I need to provide?

The more the better! We will accumulate all of this as part of our marketing effort on your behalf. Copies of letters of recommendation, certifications, training confirmations and other supporting materials are very beneficial in your job search. With your ok, we can hi-lite these to prospective employers to better improve your odds of finding that ideal job.

How long does all of this take?

It can take as little as a few days or as long as weeks or more. It depends on finding a good match between applicant and employer. During the process we never stop working on your behalf. Many factors such as level of experience, location, type of company, compensation, benefits and current market trends play a part. The more open the applicant and employer are, the easier it is to make things work.

What if I have already started my job search?

Continue doing all of the things that are part of a concerted effort to land that ideal job. By including AutoStaffNow, you significantly broaden the scope of your search and improve your chances greatly. Many very good jobs are never advertised. At any given time we know who in the Automotive Business is hiring and what key positions may be opening up. If you are presently working and want to find a better job before you quit your current job, we can help you- confidentially, without risking your job security.

Does AutoStaffNow conduct a preliminary interview and do I need to take time off work?

We will gather all of your information, including application, resume, credentials and preferences. This can all be done by phone, e-mail, fax and regular U.S. mail. We will then carefully develop a career profile for you and verify your past employment and references. Meeting in person gives us a chance to get to know you better and promote you even more effectively.

What is the next step?

It’s easy. You can click on the Apply Online link and submit your information right away. You can also reach us using our Toll-Free number or fax directly to our application desk. E-mails are always welcome. If you have questions- just ask. Our goal is to help you find your ideal job.

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Automotive Employers:

Who is AutoStaffNow and how can you help me?

AutoStaffNow is a full service automotive employment agency offering a confidential, cost effective and efficient method of filling key positions in your organization with the best possible qualified candidates.

What are the costs for theses services?

AutoStaffNow will actively and diligently recruit on your assignment including advertising, networking, referral and participation in local Trade Organizations. There is no cost until you have hired someone from among our referrals. All fees are then employer paid. Call us and we will gladly fax, e-mail or mail our current Fee Structures and Rate Schedules.

Is there any kind of guarantee associated with these fees in case the new hire does not work out?

The fee you pay is fully guaranteed by our New Hire Guarantee. Specifics of the guarantee are available upon request.

As an employer, what advantages do I gain from using AutoStaffNow vs. my regular methods of recruiting?

1. We save you the time and expense of running ads, interviewing unqualified applicants, and taking time away from your critical income producing activities. By screening and pre-qualifying applicants, we refer to you only the people who can step in and do the job right away.

2. Most of our applicants are currently working and have signed up with us to explore new employment opportunities. They are not regularly checking the help-wanted ads. They do not want to risk their present job by talking to friends and associates about their job search. You may miss out on some top-notch people, able to fill that key position for you, if you don’t give us a call.

Does AutoStaffNow do any pre-employment testing, criminal background checks, DMV records search or drug testing?

No. The specific criteria for these procedures are different for each employer and vary also by the nature of the position. There are companies who specialize in these areas and we will be happy to provide referrals if you are interested.

Does AutoStaffNow act as a Head Hunter or steal employees?

Within Colorado and our neighboring western states, applicants must contact us on their own volition. Our agency is always actively advertising and marketing the services we offer through classified ads, trade publications and other conventional means. These efforts result in a constant flow of applicants and job seekers requesting information. If an employee of one our clients contacts us wanting to make a change, our first response would be to inquire about the circumstances. Often, this leads to the employee discussing the issues with the current employer and working things out.

What is the next step?

If you have any current openings we would be glad to give them immediate attention. These can be posted online by clicking on the Post Jobs link. We can take the information over the phone and also answer any questions you may have. Call toll-free 1-866-STAFNOW (866-782-3669). To submit by fax dial 303-904-0892.

E-mails with any attachments can be sent to Our goal is to help you fill that key position, with the ideal employee, as quickly as possible.

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AutoStaffNow Your full service automotive employment agency for automotive jobs in the denver colorado area AutoStaffNow Your full service automotive employment agency for automotive jobs in the denver colorado area AutoStaffNow Your full service automotive employment agency for automotive jobs in the denver colorado area