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Current Applicants: Office & Accounting

We currently have a number of well qualified applicants available for nearly every category in the automotive business. For additional up to date listings in any category contact us today toll-free at 1-866-782-3669 or by e-mail at

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Comptroller/Office Mgr

[No Longer Available] OF-255 Northwest Metro Area

Very professional, well respected by upper management, liked by staff. Keeps office running smoothly. Reports, payroll and financials always on time. Good trainer, literate with ADP, R&R and UCS. Looking for growth oriented company. Get your dealership accounting back on track. CALL FOR COMPLETE PROFILE!!

Contact AutoStaffNow | Toll-Free 1-866-782-3669 |

Experienced Title Clerk

[No Longer Available] OF-310 North Metro

Highly efficient and productive title clerk. Up to date on all of the lastest DMV and Homeland Security requirements. Just coming off a temp assisgnment and ready to go. Capable successfully processing 200-300 deals per month including cashing contracts. Pay requirement is min $15.00/hr. CALL TODAY FOR DETAILS!

Contact AutoStaffNow | Toll-Free 1-866-782-3669 |

Comptroller, Business Mgr/General Mgr

[No Longer Available] OF-170 Littleton

Superstar Performer with excellent track record. Put an end to your worries. Know where your business is at and where it's going. This highly qualified candidate is experienced handling multiple franchises with seperate financial statement requirements. References and past employers all say that this one is the real deal. Whether it's fast and accurate reporting, new dealer start up, buy-sell administration or complicated tax issues, it's all here. CALL TODAY!!

Contact AutoStaffNow | Toll-Free 1-866-782-3669 |

Title Clerk- F&I Contractor

[No Longer Available] OF-205 Thornton

Versatile Candidate who can increase the efficiency of office processing immediately. 8-Plus years with both New Car Dealer & Independent Used Car Dealers. Proficient with all aspects of title processing, accounting and warranty administration. Streamline workflow with one multi-tasker. BETTER CALL SOON!!

Contact AutoStaffNow | Toll-Free 1-866-782-3669 |

Comptroller/Business Mgr/Office Mgr

[No Longer Available] OF-235 South East Metro

Outstanding Candidate, most recently in the Lithia Accelerated Management Program. Capable of all office functions for any size dealership plus 3+ years as a Finance Mgr with record numbers. Now desires a high level of responsibility with manageable hours and limited travel. MUST SEE EXTENSIVE PROFILE !!!

Contact AutoStaffNow | Toll-Free 1-866-782-3669 |

General Office Superstar

[No Longer Available] OF-233 South Metro

Extensive list of experience & qualifications including: Office Mgr., Accounting, Payroll & Benefits, Titles, Warranty, Financial Statements & Taxes. Proficiency with ADP & M/S Office. Income requirements are very reasonable. If you are looking for a Multi-tasking, Problem Solver, look no further. CALL FOR INFO!!!

Contact AutoStaffNow | Toll-Free 1-866-782-3669 |

Comptroller/Business Manager
[No Longer Available] OF-124 North Suburban (Will Commute)
This applicant brings comprehensive skills and success in top-level hands-on financial management. Special expertise in Expense control, Cash Management, Financial Statements, Budgeting, IT Systems, Policy & Procedures development, Inventory control, Regulatory Compliance and more. Experience and capabilities for too extensive to summarize. Need a Top-Gun to manage your store? Call for more details.

Contact AutoStaffNow | Toll-Free 1-866-782-3669 |

General Office/Receptionist
[No Longer Available] OF-122 East/Metro
Often the first impression a customer gets of a company is the greeting by the receptionist. How about a professional, outgoing and friendly personality plus the ability to handle a 35 phone line system for starters. Add to that, data entry experience, preparation of contracts and proficiency with M/S Word, Excel and accounting programs. This applicant is very eager to start and available immediately.

Contact AutoStaffNow | Toll-Free 1-866-782-3669 |

Office Manager
[No Longer Available] OF-103 North Metro Denver
CPA with years of experience as Office/Business Manager in area dealerships. Get a handle on all of those important financial functions. Get statements out on time. Keep up to date with reporting requirements. Take control of your business again!

Contact AutoStaffNow | Toll-Free 1-866-782-3669 |

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AutoStaffNow Your full service automotive employment agency for automotive jobs in the denver colorado area AutoStaffNow Your full service automotive employment agency for automotive jobs in the denver colorado area AutoStaffNow Your full service automotive employment agency for automotive jobs in the denver colorado area