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Current Applicants: Parts

We currently have a number of well qualified applicants available for nearly every category in the automotive business. For additional up to date listings in any category contact us today toll-free at 1-866-782-3669 or by e-mail at

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GM Parts Manager

P-266 West Metro-Commute No Problem
Parts & Service Management Grad from General Motors University. Tons of experience, highly organized, very professional. Capable of managing a large number of employees, keeping inventory turning and making sure the department achieves efficiency and profitability. Upgrade today and see immediate improvement. CALL FOR MORE DETAILS

Contact AutoStaffNow | Toll-Free 1-866-782-3669 |

Ford Parts Manager

P-254 West Metro-Will Travel

More than 20 years Ford Parts experience, capable of effectively managing a large staff and a seven figure inventory. Well versed in all factory programs and able to deliver profitability month after month. NEED A PARTS PRO!! CALL NOW!!

Contact AutoStaffNow | Toll-Free 1-866-782-3669 |

Parts Professional

P-250 Northwest Metro

Marketing & Account Development are this candidate's specialty. Successes with Import & Domestic lines. A quick learner on new products. Highly motivated, reliable and committed to professional standards. Ready to take sales volume to a new level? This talent available today for the right opportunity. CALL NOW!

Contact AutoStaffNow | Toll-Free 1-866-782-3669 |

Parts Counter Person

P-228 North Metro

Audi Certified & Nissan Factory Trained with more than 10 years parts experience in dealership and wholesale warehouse positions. Proficient with ADP, R&R and Triad. This qualified applicant is eager and ready to go to work.

Contact AutoStaffNow | Toll-Free 1-866-782-3669 |

Parts Counter/Assistant Parts Manager
[Now Employed] P-141 Colorado Springs
Outstanding work history with more than 15 years experience in various areas of the parts business including Chrysler/Jeep (Gold Certified), Heavy Duty Equipment Suppliers and Aftermarket Parts Warehouse distributor. Very detail oriented with positive, enthusiastic attitude. Reynolds & Reynolds trained and Licensed Fork Lift Operator. Available immediately for interviewing.

Contact AutoStaffNow | Toll-Free 1-866-782-3669 |

Parts Manager/Turnaround Specialist
P-127 Will Travel
Return on Investment (ROI) in the parts department is critical to the success of any dealership. The larger a dealer becomes the more important it is to manage obsolescence and maintain a proper turnover ratio. Over and over this man has gone in and gotten parts departments restructured and operating profitably. This is a special category of parts management, Troubleshooting and Problem Solving. Call today for the troubleshooting expertise that you need to start operating lean and mean again.

Contact AutoStaffNow | Toll-Free 1-866-782-3669 |

Parts Manager
P-126 East/Metro
Experienced in all phases of parts operations including, Retail, Wholesale, Back Counter, Body Shop, Inventory Control, Computer Systems Implementation, Staffing and more. Graduate of GM Training in Parts Management, Bob Pierson Parts Systems Training and Dale Carnegie Institute. Great track record of increasing sales and controlling costs. 15 Years experience including, Pontiac, GMC, Buick, Chevrolet, Subaru and Saab. A reputable company and a reasonable commute is what this applicant is looking for.

Contact AutoStaffNow | Toll-Free 1-866-782-3669 |

Assistant Parts Manager
P-109 North/Metro Suburban
What a combination: Last 5 years as an assistant parts manager and also ASE & MAC Certified as a technician. Unbeatable when it comes to knowing the workings of vehicles and being able to efficiently locate the right parts quickly. Improve your parts operation and the success of your shop. Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Toyota and Major Service Outlet experience. Best of all, this applicant has great communications and interpersonal skills which will make him a good fit, right form the start.

Contact AutoStaffNow | Toll-Free 1-866-782-3669 |

Parts Management
P-108 Metro Denver
Certified Toyota Master Parts Professional. Certified Ford Master Manager. Certified Mazda Parts Manager. Mike Nichols Inventory Institute. Wow! Awards Plus! Better take a look! This person is a professional and can really do the job. Why spend 5 years training someone when this expert is available today?

Contact AutoStaffNow | Toll-Free 1-866-782-3669 |

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AutoStaffNow Your full service automotive employment agency for automotive jobs in the denver colorado area AutoStaffNow Your full service automotive employment agency for automotive jobs in the denver colorado area AutoStaffNow Your full service automotive employment agency for automotive jobs in the denver colorado area