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Current Applicants: Service

We currently have a number of well qualified applicants available for nearly every category in the automotive business. For additional up to date listings in any category contact us today toll-free at 1-866-782-3669 or by e-mail at

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Service Manager

S-494 North Metro

Currently managing staff of 20 Plus. Solid experience with Dealership and Independent environments. Up and coming candidate for Service Director with goal to become Fixed-ops Mgr. Understands the ongoining challenges of CSI, Productivity & Profitabilty. Upgrade your service operation today. CALL NOW!!

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Service Director

[Hired] S-471-Relocating from Out of State

Great Candidate, Super References, currently employed but motivated to move to Colorado. Wife has lots of family here! Atcon trained, results oriented. Winner of 2003 Mark of Excellence Master Service Manager Challenge. GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota and Kia Certified. Proactive leader who will increase profits, customer satisfaction and create a productive work envoronment. CALL NOW!!

Contact AutoStaffNow | Toll-Free 1-866-782-3669 |

Service Advisor/Shop Foreman

S-391 Littleton

Versatile, experienced, top notch individual. This candidate is good at running a small shop with 1-5 techs and can jump in and do the work if need be. Background with Transmission Shop, Big O Tire, Brakes Plus, Midas and Independent Shop. Professional, ethical and dependable with great skills. Littleton or SW Metro works best for commute. CALL FOR MORE INFO!!!

Contact AutoStaffNow | Toll-Free 1-866-782-3669 |

Service Mgr/Service Advisor

S-314 Parker (Just relocated here)

NEW TO TOWN!! Outstanding Individual with great credentials. Toyota Service Training, GM & Chrysler sales training. Consistently received 100% CSI rating in busy Toyota dealership. Energetic, friendly personality and a strong work ethic.

This is the type of person you want on YOUR team!!SCHEDULE INTERVIEW!!!

Contact AutoStaffNow | Toll-Free 1-866-782-3669 |

Service Advisor

S-288 Aurora

Ford Master Certified, Chrysler Certified & Saturn Certified with experience on Oasis, warranty processing, scheduling, service writing and cashiering. What a great bundle of abilities! CALL TODAY FOR MORE APPLICANT INFO!!

Contact AutoStaffNow | Toll-Free 1-866-782-3669 |

Service Advisor/Mgr.

[Updated] S-105 Littleton

Skilled Professional with honesty & integrity who values customer repeat business. This great candidate can function equally as well in a dealership or independent environment. Certified Advisor with extensive training & experience. Most familiar with Ford, Nissan, Chrysler & mulitiline with established independents. Has ADP, Garage Keeper, Indentifix, Mitchell, Shop Key and R&R skills. UPGRADE YOUR SERVICE STAFF & SEE RESULTS. CALL NOW!!

Contact AutoStaffNow | Toll-Free 1-866-782-3669 |

Service Advisor/Outside Sales

S-257 Highlands Ranch

Highly versatile candidate Fully Certified for Ford/Lincoln Mercury, Volvo and Mercedes Benz with additional GM experience. Atcon traing plus proficiency with ADP, R&R, and Ford UCS. This candidate is a pro and requires no coaching to do an outstanding job. Invest in experience and see the payoff. CALL FOR INFO!!

Contact AutoStaffNow | Toll-Free 1-866-782-3669 |

GM Service Director

S-311 Aurora

This Outstanding performer is ASE Master Certified and a 15 year member of the prestgious Chevrolet "Only The Best Club." Through hard work and dedication this individual has achieved 100%+ in manufacturer's required training since 1995. Also a featured speaker for many new car and customer service orientation seminars. Experienced in Commercial Truck, Collision Repair, Systems Administrator, and more. VERY COMPETENT & VERSATILE. Call Today!!!!

Contact AutoStaffNow | Toll-Free 1-866-782-3669 |

Service & Parts Director

S-268 Metro Area

Top-Flight Management Candidate with High-Line and GM experience. A total of three employers in the last 20 years. Incredible feedback from references. Excellent track record of department growth and profitability with award winning CSI. Very well liked and respected by upper management, staff and customers. Known for always getting the job done!

Contact AutoStaffNow | Toll-Free 1-866-782-3669 |

Service Manager

[Hired] S-267 Relocating to Metro Area

A highly experienced Service Mgr., currently employed and with present employer 17 years, very interested in finding a position in CO. Atcon trained, ASE Certified Service Consultant with GM, Honda & Subaru Factory training. Personally interviewed by AutoStaffNow and very impressive. Not only is this individual well qualified but an outstanding person as well.

Contact AutoStaffNow | Toll-Free 1-866-782-3669 |

Service Advisor
S-104 North/Metro
A conscientious, detail minded professional who, through years of experience, has built an excellent reputation of responsibility and capability. Solid track record with Ford, GM and Major Service Outlets. A versatile applicant who would do equally well as Dispatcher, Service Advisor or Shop Foreman.

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